Sunday, March 18, 2007

Deedee monster

Charlize 11 months after a bath on the couch

Rosi took this adorable pic yesterday and sent it to me via skype.

Charlize's character and development are really beginning to show. Today in church, she made both Rosi and Aiza (the nanny) laugh loudly in church by saying "deedee" (which means "I want to breastfeed") and then quickly and deftly opening Rosi's blouse and moving aside her bra so that she could happily feed away.

She appears to have taken a dislike for cats as well. Being quite unhappy when they come too near and trying to kick them.

I'm trying to keep myself busy with work so I don't have to be sad about missing out on all of her development. But I am pausing to enjoy the odd home movie that Rosi made at my behest during my first absence from the little deedee monster.

I hope Rosi gets a chance to make more movies soon. She's growing and changing everyday.

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