Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jesus and the three of us -- very nice to be home

the three of us

I really can't say exactly what it is about being in Itaewon that makes me feel like I'm at home -- but there it is.

One of the reasons I'm so happy to be in Itaewon is that the air is cleaner and the smells are so much nicer and I guess I shouldn't forget that the sun isn't so hot (at the moment). The first two facts are quite bizarre given that I would never have called Itaewon's air nice smelling, nor clean in the past. Well now it is in comparison to both Kalibo and Manila anyway.

I'm uploading more photos as I type. Here is the baptismal set -- basically all the photos taken on January 20th, 2007.

Here are all the photos that have Charlize as a subject.

All the photos of Charlize minus the webcam photos which are quite low quality.

For mom, these are all the photos that contain us three as the main subject.

This place won't really be home until I can get Rosi and Charlize over here, but for the moment I am enjoying some alone time.

Interesting, I'm sitting at an internet cafe in Itaewon and I just discovered totally by accident that the machine cannot distinguish between 1 peso and 100 won coins. Don't worry, I'm not being dishonest just forgetful.

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