Sunday, February 25, 2007

At play with Charlize

bath 5

I'm sitting in my room in Cheonan thinking about my daughter. I miss her. We had a rocky start. At first, when we were alone I could only get a smile or two out of her and then she was acting like I was a stranger -- well, I was.

But then within a week or two she really started to warm up to me. We even had some fun play time, first thing in the morning while mom was downstairs getting the morning started. At first she would almost immediately start crying "mamamamamama" when she awoke with her strange daddy looking at her. Later we were able to play and laugh and have about 10 to 15 minutes of fun before hunger took over and she'd start crying "mamamamamamama" and break into a fit of tears looking for some morning breast milk.

We had a great time taking bus rides together to Iloilo. The road was so bumpy I thought her brain would get scrambled on one of the many bumps that nearly put my head through the bus ceiling but she was happy exercising her legs and jumping along with the nasty ride. Later on, she'd just casually take the bumps while munching on a cracker and finally sleep like a baby does in perfect serenity in my arms.

Now I'm just sitting around thinking about her, wondering when I will gather the energy to make it down to the shops to pay for my phone and internet bills. I still cannot call out, as I haven't been paying my monthly bills while I was in the Philippines.

I guess I'd better start thinking about how to dress too. As professor S, I suppose I need to dress a bit more dapper than has been my wont in the past. While I was in Hungary I did dress quite well but teaching kindy in Korea has made me a lazy dresser and a committed non-shopper as countless of my favourite nice shirts and pants were ruined by the kindy play.

Just got the news from a friend of mine that has just finished working at my old school (she's going back to China today). Meg, my boss last year, has hired a British woman "that has lots of children" to take over her Foreign English classes. Not a problem, after all, she isn't my boss anymore. But I cannot help but wonder if she made that last payment that was due on February 1st. Meg had a tendency to pay later than made me comfortable.

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