Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Where does the time go?

I'm in the process of uploading about 6 more photos to flickr, they should be viewable at the link in my last post (below) by the time this post appears.

I cannot believe I've been in the Philippines for 6 days already! Mostly, I've been suffering from a stomach problem that I haven't experienced in about a year or so, at the moment I'm hampered with a very slow internet so it's hard to search about and find out when stuff happened. I'll leave it to later and just hope that the night time pain ends soon.

Meanwhile, I've heard nothing from my new boss about the processing of my new visa. I'm hoping to hear from her soon. I suppose, if need be I can fly back to Korea later so I can avoid having to fly to Japan for my visa in late February or early March.

I just hope I hear soon because it's such a pain to change flights in the Philippines! I never did manage to change my Cebu Pacific flights. That airline is dead to me. I wound up flying Philippine airlines to Kalibo on the 18th because the line-up in their office was about one-tenth as long.

Anyway, currently I am pain free and feeling very, very good. I hope I stay that way for the rest of my trip.

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