Monday, January 29, 2007

Still in Boracay -- good smelling feet

Some more photos are up!

That's me with the funny hair. No, the other one.

I've been continuing to enjoy the Alice in Wonderland huts and the island cuisine. Soon I'll be headed back to Kalibo so we can gather the necessary documents to finally get Rosi's passport application in order. And, all too quickly, I'll be flying back to Korea on February 6th! It's just incredible how fast 2 weeks will disappear. And I've had nary a chance to lose weight this time around.

I don't have to go to immigration this trip but I did touch base with the office which is still located in the Department of Tourism office of D'mall. They changed their hours a touch however. Monday Afternoon,Tuesdays and Wednesdays the lady that runs Boracay and Kalibo immigration is in the office on Boracay island. All day Thursday, as well as Friday and Monday mornings she is in Kalibo to provide visa extensions for the unlucky Canadians that want to stay past 21 days in the Philippines. Her Kalibo office seems to be in the same place -- in the city centre near the plaza.

Trying to cover all of my bases, I've looked into extending my flight by a couple of days but Philippine airlines is, as always, fully booked. To make things worse the current fellow at the Boracay offcie near Kalibo Cable (not far from station 1 on Boracay) doesn't like to answer the phone and will not call me on my cellphone.

"I don't have a cell phone", he says, as I try to give him my cellphone number.

I guess I'll pay him a visit in person this afternoon as he doesn't want me to call him with my cellphone. I don't understand what his problem is, and I'm afraid to ask.

Once again I'm battling with smoking. I didn't smoke anything for my first six days, I was in too much pain. But then after that, the nausea that I usually feel when I'm in Kalibo started to kick in. The Kalibo apartment, you see, is situated such that we must go by the market in order to get anywhere -- the market reeks far worse than my feet. Smoking seems to cure me of the nausea, having a sensitive nose is not an asset.

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