Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Professor S

I got me a professor's job. Soon, folk will be calling me professor S, of course I don't have an M.A. or a PhD so I don't really deserve the title, but Universities in these parts (i.e. Cheonan, Asan and other remote cities) cannot afford to be choosy. If they didn't settle for teachers with B.A.s they wouldn't have a native speaker staff.

So, sweet. 2 million a month including holidays! 2 mill severance. 1 million travel (airfare). 100,000 monthly for local travel while I'm teaching and about 4 months of holidays (they only guarantee 6 weeks but standard practice indicates I'll get about 3 months of holiday)!

Plus 300,000 for accommodation if I'm not sweet on dorm life. For the holiday time alone no hagwon can hold a candle to this job. All this for 20 hours of teaching a week Monday to Friday for two 16 week semesters (and probably 2 camps as well during the holidays). By the way, for folk not conversant in Korean Won you just need to knock three zeros off of each figure above and you will get a rough US dollar equivalent.

The troubles I foresaw with my present employer were mere phantoms in the mist. Well not exactly, she was hoping to make me sweat because she wasn't so happy that I didn't ask for permission to go on holiday for the next three weeks. Tough kittens honey, I like going on holidays and I don't see a hell of a lot of foreigners breaking down hagwon doors for jobs hereabouts.

So I'm packing up my Oxford 'BeBe' the giant Lego knock-off made in China, designed in Korea. And I'm packing everything else. And I'm on that plane in a little over 17 hours from now. Ah Philippines I miss thee. I can't get over how things seem to have fit together finally.

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