Saturday, January 27, 2007

My feet just stopped stinking

Yes, I can happily say that my feet don't stink anymore. After about 4 months of wearing socks inside a pair of cheap slip-on Filipino shoes that look pretty good I managed to get my feet to the point where they just reeked. Furthermore, if one were to touch them -- not an impossible proposition just highly unlikely -- the object involved in the touch would hold onto the reek for an indefinite period of time.

That phase of my life is over, at least temporarily, as my feet enjoy the free open air and sea water of life in the Philippines. I'm on Boracay right now in what seems to be a vacation period for the locals. Maybe 2 in 7 of the tourists I meet are foreigners. All of the rest are from some part of the Philippines living it up on the island that GMA (known as Gloria to some) came to, for her own little vacation some months ago.

What am I doing with my free time? Getting to know my daughter a little better of course. I still scare her sometimes but mostly she just puts up with me and laughs at me. I made a couple of cute short videos which I'll edit and put up once I'm back in Korea and I'm enjoying food again. My first six days in the Philippines were blighted with a severe stomach pain that just wouldn't quit unless I drank about 500 cc of water every hour or so and didn't piss it off by putting food inside.

Now my stomach is behaving and I'm stuffing it full of all kinds of good stuff. After coming here for almost 2 years now I finally stopped into the Hobbit House in D'Mall and was sadly disappointed by the Chorizo sausage dish they had on offer. However, their pesto which Rosi somehow mistook for spaghetti was quite delicious. Tonight I simply must eat at Aria the only restaurant on Boracay that has gourmet food. I think my stomach is up to their spicy olive oil topping finally, I've been building up to this point -- can't wait for that arugula salad.

Every morning, nice and early, to spare both me and Charlize the sunburn, we have have been going for a nice long swim on the crystal clear white sandy beaches. I think I could seriously consider living here for a month or so, just so I could continue this ritual of the most wondrous way to greet the day. That must come later, however as I have a University job that I have got to begin in March, perhaps on one of my extensive paid holidays I will come back? Then, when my pocket money is squandered at Aria I can withdraw more from the bank when my vacation pay cheque comes in.

This should be an interesting change, I've never been able to count on an employer paying me (not even when that employer owes me money!) while I was on vacation. Mrs. Oh, from my first job in Korea delayed my end of year pay cheque until after I returned from India. She was probably worried that I'd been planning a runner. She was lucky that I didn't count on having money in my bank account, I guess I should say that I was lucky-- not her.

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