Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My daughter is a Canuck!

Thanks for the Christmas gift mom.

The book just arrived and will come in handy. I've been ravenous for a good book for some time now. I got a Korean library card in November but I cannot take any more books out of the library until January 18th because I brought my first book back 2 weeks late.

Canadian libraries charge you late fees, but Korean libraries suspend your borrowing privileges for the period of lateness. So, if you bring a book back to the library 2 weeks late you cannot borrow another book for 2 weeks!

Speaking of reading material my mom said she paid 30 bucks to the Canadian post office so that they'd deliver my book before Christmas day. I wonder if she can ask for a refund? Anyway I don't think it's possible to have speedy service into Korea there are just too many ways to interpret English letters. The address I gave her was a solid Korean government advocated romanization of Korean but it still took a lot longer than it should have.

I Just got word that Charlize's citizenship papers have arrived in the Philippines. Hurray! Now the arduous process of getting a Canadian passport for her must begin! I need to get two photos of her that are no more than 1 month old and find somebody that is a doctor, mayor or lawyer that lives in the Philippines and has known me or Rosi for 2 years!

Even though she is only 9 months old she must have her eyes open for the photo, and she cannot be smiling or frowning. I can just see myself in the photo studio right now.

"Don't cry Charlize! Don't smile Charlize! Take your hand out of your mouth and be a good baby!"

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