Monday, January 15, 2007

Immigration, Education, Hagwons. Oh My!

So, I might be in a bit of trouble. What else is new? I realized that I don't have a copy of my contract with my current employer and apparently she has lost her copy as well. We may have a disagreement about the dates!

The thing about working in Korea is that basically your employer owns your E2 teaching Visa until it expires at the end of your contract or until you can get a letter of release from them. As sometimes may happen, or in my case as always seems to happen, my visa and contract dates are quite different. Getting a new contract with the University that now wants to employ me is going to be dependent upon the good will of my present employer releasing me from my current contract.

If she gets all stubborn and decides that she doesn't want to let me go, there isn't a lot I can do. I cannot compel her to give me a letter of release, and so I am at her mercy. I expect there may be a few things that I can do, but only if I stay in Korea to do them. So, with my impending trip to the Philippines I am worried that I may need to stay in Korea to fight a hopeless battle.

The root of the problem seems to be in our plans for the new year. I've told her that I plan to continue working for her hagwon part-time while I'm at the University. This is quite legal and there is heaps of information about this on the Korean Department of Justice website. But she seems to have been calling the Department of Education until she is blue in the face trying to get confirmation that this is legal. Guess what?

The people at the department of education categorically deny that it is legal for an E2 visa holder to work at more than one place! I don't know where they get there information but clearly they must be misinformed if the Department of Justice provides all the information for applying to Immigration to add an employer to your Alien Registration Card.

Just goes to show you: Don't get the barber to make you a new pair of shoes!

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