Friday, December 08, 2006

My Virgin Video Greeting for Charlize

Okay, so I did not do "that editing stuff" it was too much of a barrier to the actual release of the video so I just put it up so Rosi could show it to Charlize.

Now I know why my students laugh so much! I look so funny in this video!


Okay, I finally managed to figure out how to do some basic editing and I've fixed this video up using Virtualdub, Audacity, and VLC Media Player to their best advantage.

None of these programs are the easiest to use but with a bit of experimenting it works out a lot better than what Windows Movie Maker can do -- unless you plan to post to YouTube in which case you need to muck around with them a bit more than I already did, to make sure that your video and audio will be in sync.

Strangely enough my videos are in perfect sync on Google Video and on my computer but the audio is about 2 seconds behind the video on YouTube. So, I figured not to bother with YouTube.

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