Sunday, December 31, 2006



I was just having a nap at an Itaewon PC Bang (Internet Cafe) because I could not find a hotel. It's pretty warm here and I can check my email too, all for just a thousand won per hour.

I figure that, if I cannot find a hotel I might as well go home. But before I go home I thought I would mess about on the net first. That is when I discovered that:

"This copy of Windows did not pass genuine validation"

Looks like I have found another set of laws that Koreans do not care to follow -- anti-piracy laws. But Microsoft would do well to do away with the whole validation thing as they will probably lose all of Korea to some Linux based system.

If you have successfully run your Internet Cafe for 10 years turning a good profit and not paying fees to Microsoft are you going to let Internet Explorer 7 get in your way?

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