Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Winter is on the way -- napping

Well, a friend of mine in Edmonton passed on the weather forecast to me: -28 degrees celsius with a windchill of around -40.

Makes me glad to be in Korea. However, next week the forecast in Cheonan indicates that we will dip below zero, probably for the rest of the winter.

I have been more than a touch lazy with the webcam photos I have been getting from Rosi, but once I get them all up you can see Charlize's webcam photos.

Also, since the photos I take with my camera are quite a lot better in quality here is a link to all of my photos of Charlize that are not webcams.

And, finally, here are all of my photos of Charlize (future, present and past).

It's Wednesday today and since I'm posting today it is not coincidentally one of my days off. Having three days a week of rest is pretty sweet I must say. Of course, at first it was a bit bumpy because I could not handle the leisure. Like many things, enjoying leisure requires a bit of practise. Napping also comes to mind. In order to nap properly and restfully you do need quite a lot of practise.

How to Nap

Many people of the western world treat napping as if it were a long sleep in the middle of the day. This tends to mess up their sleep rhythmn. Instead the best practise for napping is to treat it as a relaxing period of rest, no more than 20 to 40 minutes in length. Do not plan to sleep for the first 2 to 4 weeks that you are practising the nap. Do not try to nap in your bed. You do not want to sleep half of the afternoon away. What you want is a refreshing jolt of shut-eye, so that you don't lose half of your day, and yet you are rested and refreshed enough to return to work or whatever with a new vigorous freshness.

  1. Eat a reasonable amount of lunch followed by a little exercise.
  2. Drink four shots of espresso.
  3. Lie down on the couch or similar structure.
  4. Empty your mind of the days happenings, take the thoughts floating through your head and push them away one by one.
  5. Do not open your eyes or pay attention to anything except those things you find relaxing.
  6. Use a quiet alarm to warn you of the passage of time -- after a few weeks you will not need the alarm anymore.
  7. Change positions.
  8. Drink four more shots of espresso.
  9. Repeat every workday for 3 weeks. You will be having an incredibly restful siesta in no time.
Choose a comfortable place to lie down -- not your bed. At first have some quiet relaxing music or the television playing so that you can keep track of your consciousness. What you want to do is relax and slip into a gentle yet short period of REM free sleep and then slip back into consciousness -- all within a period of 20 to 40 minutes. The music or telee helps you to stay awake for the first few weeks of daily practise you will need.

You DO want to stay awake for the first few weeks so that you can train yourself to awaken fully alert and refreshed at the end of the nap period. This knowledge I bequest to you as the result of having living a two minute walk from my school when I taught English in Hungary. I still have my espresso maker from then, by the way, but sadly I do not have an opportunity in the middle of my workday to take a nap.

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