Thursday, November 23, 2006

Surfing the WiFi

I can't always get it wherever I go, but I do get it enough that these days I like to drag my laptop around with me so that I can check my email and catch-up on some of my favourite news sites and blogs whilst I languish between classes -- phew, 20 minute breaks are a bit much. Right now I'm on some sort of network that gives me a 5.5 Mbps connection -- and this is considered low connectivity.

I'm not really sure where to start today after I've expressed my glee about the WiFi but I guess I might as well express my happiness about going to Costco again. I'm pissing myself happy about everything I bought but amongst the things I'm most thankful for there are:

  • pretzels 6kg (!) for 8000 KRW
  • Freybe's pepper salami 750 g for 17000 KRW
  • baby dills 3 liters for 5000 KRW
  • Extra sharp Cheddar 1kg for 8000 KRW
  • Werther's Originals 8000 KRW
  • dried Blueberries 600 g for 14000 KRW
  • ONION BAGELS! 12 for 4000 KRW
  • whole peppercorns a whack for 9000 KRW
  • parmesan cheese 2 nice sized chunks for 12000 KRW
  • pumpkin pie 6000 KRW
  • apple pie 7000 KRW
  • avocados 8 for 9000 KRW
  • a whack of unpeeled garlic for 6000 KRW (4 times as much as you get at Homever for the same price)
Sadly, the only cumin they had was ground. If you know your cumin, then you know that ground cumin just won't cut it. It loses its potency, like most ground spices, far too quickly.

I would have bought a bunch more, including peanut butter for literally a fraction of the cost of the local stores but I had to do a bit of shopping to help a friend take care of the American style Thanksgiving he is about to throw. I bought 20 pumpkin pies and 4 apple pies along with heaps of mayo and salad dressings not to mention a few other things. There just wasn't much more room in my car for the rest of the stuff I wanted to get.

I'm still having the usual troubles with the Philippines side of my family while it seems like the Canadians are all snappy and together just in time to catch some more SADD. Rosi went to a nine hour long parade at the behest of her teacher, leaving Charlize to eat bottled milk which she won't touch with a 20-foot-pole!

So I got royally pissed at her and her teacher. I honestly believe that her teacher brow-beat her into it, as hard as it is for me to believe that anybody would actually give into authority I know that some folk really do think they have to do what they are told.

I'm finally planning a trip back to the Philippines and so I feel a bit relieved and have something to look forward to, for a change. Yes, I've been a bit down about missing my daughter's milestones. Before I know it I'm sure I'll be doing my damndest to scare the crap out of her latest boyfriend so she can grow up a good little girl.

But as always it looks like I will have to battle with the powers that be over here to get a decent holiday. My hagwon has only 3 days off over the winter holidays! Well, four days if you include Christmas which is on a Monday, but the four days aren't even all in a row!

I definitely have to think hard about getting a University job for next year. Two months holidays sounds so much better than 2 weeks. I guess I shouldn't complain as I have averaged about 3 months holidays a year since I first came here, but it has taken some creative juggling.

Now that I've discovered the blueyoyo I'm spending far too much time watching tele but on the positive side it tends to be tele that I want to watch. Okay, I'll stop talking about nothing now.

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