Friday, November 24, 2006

Something in the wind

I can't believe another week is over! There must be something in the wind today. All of my classes were jam-packed with loud screaming and shouting kids. Most days I can barely get them to say two words but today it was all I could do to get them to be quiet enought to hear me.

Using my quiet voice in a game had moderate success. They had to be able to hear me to win the game and they all love to win! The fact that I was speaking very quietly in this context made them simmer down significantly. But it was so hard to overcome my own urge to penetrate the dinge by inceasing my own volume.

I'm trying to book a flight to the Philippines but as always I had forgotten that this time of the year you need to make a reservation two to three months in advance if you want to fly to a popular destination -- even then you pay ridiculous high-season prices. Looks like I won't be seeing my Filippino family until late January or February! Yeesh.

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