Monday, November 13, 2006

on viral infections that coincides with the first snow

Yet another sleepless night. What is the cause? I think I can put it over on stress this time around. A certain acquaintance of mine was just ratted out by their colleague (they don't work in the same school but are colleagues nonetheless).

It would seem that this particular act of finkery was done in a wholly spiteful manner intended to maim one or ones that are much disliked by the rodent of the year. The weapon used turned out to be a rather blunt one and it seems to be having ripple effects upon the lives of many, many individuals!

In fact it seems to me that if one were to look strictly by the law at most teachers in Korea, 95% of them could be said to be working illegally, if not in the present than at least at 1 point through their current contract for a minimum of 2 weeks.

I'll stop getting into specifics as I know, I can even blame myself in part, that this is not an anonymous medium. Suffice it to say I am growing rather weary of how everybody flouts the law on a daily basis -- Only the foreigners truly suffer when the law snaps to.

Speaking of which I just got informed by my bank that, due to new Bank of Korea regulations, I cannot do an overseas transfer to myself -- of all people. And furthermore, I cannot transfer more than US$900 at any given time! I was beginning to think that Korea was not a country I'd like to associate with any longer.

But, as I speak with more expats I discover that the banks have different rules on different days and as accord to different staff. You just have to go around to a few of them to find out which one is going to try to fuck you, and which one is going to let you do the business that you have the right to do. As it turns out my bank -- Shinhan -- just wants to fuck me. Although, it has been good to me in the past.

So, I've been avoiding my rather too public diary as of late as I've been feeling rather paranoid and noxious, but I do begin to lean toward a greater trust in my theory that there is nothing better than a pack of lies if it isn't the cold, crystal hard truth. Damn it all if the truth don't just mislead 'em all.

Charlize is due for her last vaccine for a spell, I'm eagerly awaiting news of her current dimensions. Rosi says she is lookin' a bit thin so I just hope she is getting the nutrition that she needs. I guess it isn't new for me, but at present I just cannot help but wish that, that little girl would grow up by 10 years overnight. That would make things a lot more bearable--it would. Serves me right for going so deep below my own level, although you would fool most folk if you put it to them that way.

Once again I seem to be struggling with illness, but I think this too has to do with stress. I need to tidy my room a bit more often and all of that will settle itself proper like, I reckon. But that palm reader did mention this time in my life would be full of intermittent illness -- hmmm, cannot work against destiny can I -- better crack open that bottle of soju anyhow.

This brings me back to my perfectly preserved (because of Albertan weather) diaries that lay in my parent's garage. I cannot reproduce their equivalent here as I have absolute no shred of privacy here. In fact I do know a few folk who say they tune into these pages on occasion so that they can keep up with current events -- I'm not the only one that's lazy with the phone. So, the question I've been asking myself is "Is this blog fulfilling the needs that diary writing used to fulfill?". The answer, it seems, must come to me slowly and I think it evolves quite sweetly out of the question in fact.

As I mentioned earlier in this far too long-winded post, there is nothing like the truth to lead 'em off of your trail far better than a pack of lies--or something like that. Anyway, I am beginning to think that I can do the same stream of consciousness self-talk that I used to do in the very private diaries that now sit in a garage and will with all likelihood become buried and not be discovered by anybody ever not even me and most certainly not by anybody in the future that might put the pages to use because those pages really had no use whatsoever to anybody save me.

So maybe somebody else but me will find some use from these pages. Anyway, that is how I destroyed the semblance of anonymity that was herein. I passed on a link or two for some of my posts that I thought might help a friend, acquaintance and the like with this or that travel and computing type mode of being consideration.

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