Monday, November 13, 2006

8.5 kg and 68.5 cm

But it's kind of hard to trust this data considering that the first time this particular doctor weighed Charlize she laughed at the idea that we should take off her diaper before weighing her. They humoured me and did the weighing again sans diaper but in retrospect I think they were just pretending to re-weigh her while I was next door getting some vitamins.

So she increased in weight by only 1oo grams in 1 month. That could be a danger sign for something.

According to WHO's child growth standards (provided in PDF) her weight for length is in the top 80th Percentile. Her length for age is about the 79th percentile.

However her weight for age is only around the 12th or 13th percentile. Whoops! My mistake!

Actually her weight to age is around the 80th percentile but it was higher last month obviously. Anybody know what sort of baby food to get her putting the pounds on?

Little help?

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