Friday, October 06, 2006

Daejeon Costco

Finally made it to Costco in Daejeon. I had a wonderful time wandering around Costco looking at, and tasting things I haven't seen in years.

Dill pickles (Koreans only have the sickly sweet kind), pickles were never meant to be sweet and they make me want to puke. I was in Carrefoure the other day, nobody even knows what salami is there, let alone having it in stock but Costco has a good selection of reasonably priced salami not to mention other wonderful meats.

I've been to Carrefoure for cheese lately but I decided I'd stop going as the price is ridiculous. Happily Costco has prices that are about 50% or so lower -- they even have that orange cheddar that you seem only able to find in western North America! I know the orange dye isn't supposed to have a flavour but I'm sure it does and I remember it.

I've finally had my first bagel since I left Suji. Less than 4000 won for a dozen. Sadly they didn't have sesame seed nor garlic bagels but that's fine, I can slice up my own garlic.

They offer tons of stuff including frozen Octopus for a reasonable price. I'm back there next weekend.

Daejeon Costco location map. Any expats that don't have a car can put in their order with me I'm going to Costco again next week.

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