Tuesday, September 12, 2006

system configuration utility

I share the computer that's in the living room with Susie and Gavin. Both of them are pretty new to computers and they don't really know when they should and should not click on stuff. So, they click on heaps of things that they shouldn't.

Occasionally I will make a mistake myself, it doesn't take much to install spyware or adware on your computer. Sometimes that spyware is pernicious to the point of hair-pulling. I thought I'd just make a note here so that I can easily find the Microsoft configuration utility again without having to comb my windows system files again.

Just go to "Start" "Run" and type "msconfig" into the box that opens up. The dialogue box that pops up will give you the choice to load part or all of the normal stuff that your computer normal goes through in its startup.

You can do a diagnostic or a selective startup. Experiment with what you allow to start up to see if you can force that annoying adware to stop loading. Later you may have to edit your system registry to get rid of it entirely.

More useful than a safe boot because you control what loads and what doesn't (you can still get on the internet).

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