Tuesday, September 05, 2006

198,657.1 km: Mobile Post

Got me a new car! With about 1km on the dash for every won I paid for her. It is unbelievable how sweet it is to be able to drive again.

Gas is quite expensive at 1500Won per liter but insurance is not too bad compared to Alberta's insurance rates. The people on the roads do not drive very responsibly nor do they drive very well, but I have managed to drive all the way into and around Seoul without too much trouble and I only got cut off once or twice.

On my first day with the car I drove two Korean women (co-workers that I had to meet for one reason or another) a short distance and they both became quite alarmed when I shoulder checked to turn or change lanes. They figured I should keep my eyes in front of me at all times! I guess they have never heard anything about blind spots, but somehow they manage to survive on these roads by only using their rear-view and side mirrors!!!!

It would be wrong to say that it is illegal not to shoulder-check in Canada, but it is impossible to get a license without performing a full check on each lane change and turn. No wonder Koreans have such a bad reputation for driving.

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