Friday, August 18, 2006

Nice To Chill -- 8kg

This month one of my employers has reduced my monthly income by 25 to 30% because she figures she cannot stay in business if she keeps the foreigner working all month. This translates into Wednesday and Friday afternoon holidays which I am not going to complain about.

In fact I am pleased about the spare time that I am, even now, quite blissfully spending on doing nothing much at all. The problem with spare time is that it gives your body time to recover and recuperate. For me, this always involves illness. The best thing I have always found is to work through the pain and keep things active that is when they heal the best. But if you do not do anything and watch things heal slowly that is where the greatest pain is felt.

But that is just my theory, like most theories it can be applicable within a narrow range of situations or it may just be a piece of illusionary olfactory offence that helps me to ignore important elements of my own health and the environment around me.

Last night I managed to explain to yet another of my bosses that the Korean partner that I used to have, the one who figured he owned me, is no longer a part of my organization and that we will not have anything more to do with him. I have been hearing from various people I work with over the last month or so many nasty stories about him and so I am so glad that we have this opportunity to eliminate contact with him.

The results of his spurning have yet to be witnessed. He might just be the type of business man that is willing to gut his ex-partners when they do not prove useful to him -- I will let you know what happens.

Needless to say I may have to find myself a new job and indeed a new country to work in, but let us not be too hasty. Things still look very viable here. We shall have to see if all the threats will translate into reality or not.

Meanwhile, I am blithely watching the cold travel through my body. Yes the one that started so long ago and plagued me for so long, seems to have entrenched itself into my bronchial tubes. This relaunches some serious thought of stopping smoking again as I do not like coughing much and I like coughing up slippery transparent mucous even less. If I am not very mistaken I think I am also suffering from the feelings of lethargy quite common to this type of illness as well.

News from the Philippines. Rosi says that Charlize can now sit up by herself. Not come to a sitting position but remain sitting when put into a sitting position. Funny how you can get wrapped up in such seemingly small milestones in a child's development but I do want to keep track of and hopefully witness, if not then at least be privy too, as many of these events as possible.

By the way on her latest check up for her 4th innoculation the doc says that Charlize is now 8 kg. This seems to me to be far too round of a number but apparently it is sufficiently accurate for Filipino style infant pediatricians.

My crazy Canadian family is a bit of a mystery to me at the moment. I have not called anybody over there in quite a while and have not received emailed requests to do so either. My brother is still being a shit, refusing to answer my emails about what his intentions are toward the house. I wish I could understand him but I suppose it's true, strange environments breed strange individuals. I think I may have given up just like everybody else.

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