Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Chunky, Chunky Baby!

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Yes, I think you will all agree that she is indeed a chunky baby, but I cannot say that it concerns me in the least. I am just happy that she is healthy and developing into an alert, well-nourished soul.

Finally got all my pics and am in the process of getting videos online. See all of my August holiday shots here:

See all of Charlize's shots here:

(there may be some non-baby pics here temporarily, be forewarned).

Keep an eye on the next update to this blog for a video or two.

So, things have been going slowly as I settle back into work in Korea. Unfortunately, one of my bosses decided to pair back the hours I work for her by two thirds without giving me any notice so I'm scrambling to pick up some more work to keep my income a bit more stable -- I hope she keeps her word about things going back to normal in September.

But I am enjoying the spare time for a change and I'm using it to heal myself of any lingering cold symptoms. Plus this gives me the opportunity to diversify, no single boss is going to influence such a big portion of my income again so long as I can help it.

I'm actually very disappointed. I quite liked this particular boss as she is very friendly, seems interested in more than just what I can do for her and for her hagwon but her alter-ego is an ultra-demanding hagwon boss who shows little appreciation for me even when I put myself out beyond the call of duty.

I scrambled to find her a second foreigner so that she could have two foreign judges at her school speech contest only to find out that she was too cheap to give my Chinese friend (the other foreigner) a fair remittance in return for her time and effort. Not to mention the fact that it looks like she did not pay me for that day at all! I wonder how well the contest would have turned out without any English judges? Maybe we will see, next time there is a contest.

I never seem to have Koreans figured out. But now that I'm involved with the business people of Korea I find myself perplexed at every turn -- they just do not seem human -- and they sure as hell are not warm, nor reasonable, and to be quite honest far too many of them tend to be the dirtiest, lying, cheating scumbags I have had the displeasure of meeting. Of course, I'm not speaking about any of my bosses when I call Korean business people lying cheats. And I should dissuade the reader from the mistaken perception that I think only Korean business people are lying cheats -- but I do think it is an interesting question of degree.

I miss my baby.

Her tiny little back.

How can I protect her from Mr. and Mrs. Pak?

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