Monday, August 14, 2006

Mozy Remote Backup --- You guessed it -- FREE

For those of you with an always on broadband connection Mozy Remote back up is the sweetest thing to come around for a long time.

You get 2 GB of free space that will be updated with the files of your choice automatically on a daily basis. If you follow the link above you will get 2.25 GB and I will get 0.25 GB more free space all just for signing up with me as your referrer.

The process for signing up is very simple and painless. Once you are up and running, each day at a time you designate your most important 2.25 GB of files will be automatically backed up to the Mozy server -- fully encrypted of course!

So, if your computer crashes on you and your restore points got messed up no worries just log into Mozy and restore your important files from there. It is a very quiet low impact program that works in the background. I have been using mozy for about a month now and I have barely even noticed it was there, save for the daily notice that one of the files I have changed or added has been backed up.

Cheers Mozy.

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