Wednesday, August 23, 2006

High Plains Drifter

Clint Eastwood plays yet another fella who has no name. This is one of my favourites mainly because he rides into town, shoots 3 irritating cowboys and rapes 1 woman before he is halfway done his bottle of whisky. They do not make movies like this anymore, maybe they should not, and yet, I wish there were more of these spaghetti westerns for me to enjoy.

Found this site called blue yoyo that has heaps of great movies and TV shows for the downloading. It is especially useful for those of us that are making a life for ourselves in Korea and so cannot find good movies and do not receive cable access to the fabulous TV programs epitomized by "That 70s show" and the like.

By the way the blue yoyo is NOT free! If you subscribe for 6 months the cost for unlimited downloads is 10,000 KRW a month. Currently does not work with firefox so better use internet explorer.

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