Monday, August 21, 2006

God and 'the buddha' like those who give the most money, most.

Let me explain my use of the term "the buddha" above -- before anybody gets the wrong idea.

I am not referring to Buddha the man who began to show the world the path to enlightenment, but the man that some people make up and misrepresent so that they can sell books and fill up their coffers.

Just finished 3 games of Gin on Yahoo games with Rosi. It's not too bad a variant of the game I enjoyed way back when my grandmother was alive.

Thanks to Yahoo Games I got to enjoy a longer than usual talk with her whilst a playing away. Okay, now it really is time for bed!

I hope that my explanation of how I got banned from a Buddhist temple is sufficient for my very good friend who has been a buddhist himself for many, many years. I also really hope that it is not just a cop-out that I do not really think that most of the buddhists I have met in Korea are the real deal. Afterall, nothing I have learned of buddhism thus far points toward the kind of selfish act that this particular monk portrayed when he banned me out of priggish pride and a ridiculous attempt at face-saving.

The more often I interact with businessmen in Korea the more likely I am to abandon business altogether. Everytime I engage in or complete a business transaction I come away armed with more imperative 'don'ts' for my own personal ethics.

Back to Korean buddhists. They do not seem to practise many daily acts of kindness that their cousins observe in the rest of the world (vegetarianism for one). And, sadly, they seem to run their temples as if they were Catholic -- selling paper lanterns like indulgences. Of all the bloody ways to practise buddhism why would they mirror themselves upon a slavish, money grubbing religion that has so little rigour? I guess it is pretty clear that I am not a big fan of Catholicism.

I think I have the answer: Money!

Having a 'church' in Korea is, not only a delightful way of making money and not really feeling like you had to work for it, but also makes it easier for the owner (I am not using this term lightly) to believe that god really wants him to have heaps of it.

Wish I had thought of it first, as I am adverse to being a follower.

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