Friday, August 25, 2006

Coffee: Gift of the Gods

Scientists are discovering nowadays what I knew to be true since I started hanging out at the coffee shop with my friends at the age of 16 -- coffee is the gift of the gods. It tastes good, it improves your mood and it helps your body to fight cancer and other nasty diseases like adult onset diabetes:

Kudos for Coffee -- Glee Magazine

Speaking of which, word has it that Cheonanites may soon be enjoying the benefits of having a local Starbucks. It's about time! It's not that I particularly enjoy the coffee they make at Starbucks, actually I think they roast their coffee too much which sounds a bit odd coming from an avid coffee drinker that really appreciates a dark roast.

And yet, I have been drinking coffee in a thoughtful way for 20 years now and so I suppose that I have a fairly well developed taste for it and how it should be prepared. I drank espresso in Hungary. On almost any corner you could walk up to a shack and order a fresh cup of espresso. You could even wash it down with a nice brisk shot of peach palinka (a sort of brandy/vodka).

Occasionally, the less scrupulous shack owners would just pop old espresso into the microwave and try to pass it off to you as the real deal. Of course, this method is probably okay if you like to drink coffee with your sugar and milk but it always left a bad taste in my mouth.

Korean coffee should really be called coffee wash or "slightly brown water". They do not have a clue about coffee. They try to make it look like tea but this makes it taste like shit. Korean Starbucks brews its coffee weaker than Canadian Starbucks -- weak coffee is like non-alcoholic beer, it tastes like shit and it doesn't do anything for you.

I'm not looking forward to drinking coffee at Starbucks, I'm looking forward to buying some fresh espresso and sparking up my Hungarian stove top espresso maker, then drinking some very fine coffee, thank you very much.

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