Friday, August 18, 2006

Australia at the All Blacks!

Sweet! I have been having a pretty swell time and now I am off on the early bus to one of the 2 bars that I know will be showing the game. First I will try for Scrooge bar as I know exactly where to find it.

Unfortunately the last time I was there I found myself a nice table with a good view of the screen but before I could even order a beer I was told that I could not let my seat take root as the table I was at was reserved for the local rugby league. I wound up standing in the middle of the room with a frequently jostled beer in hand.

I prefer to sit if possible while watching a good game. So, if I get fair warning and they tell me to piss off as soon as I get there then I will head on over to Phillies which from what I understand is not too far away from Itaewon. As I understand the seating arrangements tend to be better there anyway.

If on the other hand they let me drink some beer and then tell me to piss off later on I will have to take a big issue with their timeliness and be a bastard if need be. I think it is pretty standard that if nobody puts up a reserved sign there can be no expectations of having a table reserved.

This Agenda can be easily added to your own Google Calendar it comes straight from the All Blacks themselves, or so I believe.

Incidentally, the times and dates are in Auckland, New Zealand time Google Calendar will convert the date and time to your local time if you sign up.

By the way, it is a snap to add public holidays for Canada, Korea and New Zealand to your Calendar. Especially handy for those foreigners in Korea who do not have well organized bosses and want to plan for an upcoming long weekend.

The Koreans really have not sorted out the whole holiday thing properly. It is quite frankly ridiculous. Heaps of holidays are calculated according to the Lunar calendar and so they tend to fall on odd unpredictable dates each year. Worst of all if a holiday falls on a Thursday in Korea you only get that Thursday off! Then you are expected to go back to work on Friday!!!!

My first year in Korea was filled with tons of long weekends but my second year sucked with so many Monday work days followed by a measly Tuesday of freedom and then 3 more days of hell until the weekend again.

This week for example, you can see in the calendar above was slightly more relaxing than usual because we had Tuesday off but lord it was not an election day, it was Korean Independence day! So what's with the silly idea of having it on a Tuesday?

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