Sunday, August 13, 2006

30+ degrees -- no respite

The weather is making me crazy. There is no respite. Morning, afternoon, and midnight are all either sweltering or muggy beyond belief. The fan is blasting away and I am voluntarily taking freezing cold showers just so I can stop sweating for a few minutes.

In the Philippines I had no choice but to take cold showers, but to be honest the water is not very cold in those pipes as many of them rise out of the water main along a sun heated wall, or the like, so that it is not so icy cold.

Anyway, I long for Friday which will apparently drop to about 22 degrees. Meanwhile, I find my self for want of the ready ability to sleep and so everyday concerns come sweeping into my head, blowing up into out-of-proportion crises. This month, my employer has cut back my hours so I have even more time to contemplate how I can make up the loss of income for August.

Another employer insists on paying me late the last few times. This particular Korean businessman already pays me a month and 10 days after he himself has been paid and then he goes on in the last few months to fail to pay me on time! Oi vay!

Meanwhile I had a little chat with my formerly favourite employer and I hope I did not mess up our relationship by monetizing all of my connections with her hagwon. But what am I to do? Would I ever even go to her hagwon if I did not make money there? She has a strange way of making me feel like I should be a more giving individual but perhaps she should be the giving one instead of the taking one.

The inlaws continue to cause Rosi and myself grief. On the way to pick up Rowena for our trip to Boracay we stopped to chat with her grandparents. Rosi's mom asked for 1000 pesos so she could have a special operation to extract fluids out of her tumour.

Perhaps it was a mistake on my part but when Rosi took me aside to ask me to cough up the dough I said "No". Instead I suggested that we could stop at the hospital and pay them directly. Obviously with all the money that went missing when I first started to support Rosi and Rowena and our, at that time, in utero one to support Salvaccio's Tanduay habit I have been less than trusting of him, and because she stood by and did nothing, less trusting of Rosi's mom as well.

And now she says she will not go to the hospital for the operation unless she gets the money up front! Hmmm, I wish I could be more trusting, but this seems to be a sign that she does not really need an operation. Instead it would appear that she wants to use her tumour as an excuse to pocket some cold hard cash.

Normally, I would just cough it up and forget about it but I just cannot stomach the lazyness of Salvaccio. After all, I am living a 4 hour plane ride from the light of my life because I cannot afford to just sit around and wait for other people to give me money. I hope Rosi can handle the family fights. Filipinos seem to have an ethic about money -- give it to those who ask for it. Personally I would rather choose the recipients based on their need and deservedness.

Meanwhile, things have been improving on the online front. I have Rosi set-up with her webcam so she can make videos and take photos for me and we have discovered that Yahoo messenger is much better for allowing video conferencing over dial-up connections than Skype! So, I get to watch Rosi on my screen while we are chatting!

Another cool thing I discovered is that we can play card games online while we chat at Yahoo games. Perhaps these sorts of things are available elsewhere as well. But what is important is that we have found a way to be together even though we are separated by so many kilometers. Meanwhile I get to sharpen up my Texas hold 'em skills with Rosi for the Cheonan Poker nights on Fridays.

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