Sunday, July 23, 2006

Read to kids at early age, study suggests

One of those websites that keeps on slipping into and out of my bookmarks for one reason or another:
Science Daily--Read to Kids at an early age

Honestly, I am not a big fan of the latest studies. For years doctor's have told us that we should eat margarine because butter leads to increased levels of cholesterol then it was discovered that the complex fats contained in margarine could be a leading cause of cancer.

So, what do you want to die from? Cancer or heart disease? Anyway, I think we should take all of these studies with as much salt as we can stomach -- because salt makes things taste good even though it is not good for us in large quantities! I plan to read to Charlize from 12 months, god willing she and I will be cohabitating at that point.

I'm sure I can find some interesting (visually, rythmically)and stimulating books and E-texts that will keep us both rapt for the duration of the story. I will not be doing this just because of the study (above)but because I enjoy reading and I enjoy spending time with my daughter.

So, once again I am up late. Probably because tomorrow I start teaching a new kindy class, not to mention the fact that over the last week and a half I have been sleeping more than any adult could ever expect to tolerate.

I still have symptoms of this nasty bug that has been eating at me but at the moment it seems to be limited to a mild sinus headache.

Good news from the Philippines. Rowena stayed in Kalibo with her mother for about 2 weeks, and for a change she did not cry for her Nanay every night. Sadly, she is now with her grandparents though she wanted to go back to Kalibo when Rosi did. Rosi's mom is inflicted with a massive tumour in her eye and she is using it to twist her daughter's heart around so that she will leave Rowena with her sometimes.

Even though both grandparents are committed smokers with no sense not to smoke around children and Salvaccio, not truly deserving the title of grandfather, has a penchant for drinking far too much and having absolutely no control over himself for the duration.

Piss on it life is too complicated.

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