Saturday, July 22, 2006

Gabriel blowing her horn again

I was just chatting in Skype with Rosi and Rowena again last night and Charlize still has very strong lungs. It's always good to hear her strong voice.

She went to the doctor again for another immunization and now at her 3 month point she is 6.9 kilograms and 61.5 centimeters long!

Her head is 38 centimeters (last month her head was 35 centimeters).

I'm quite late at putting this info online. Mostly because I am having an ongoing battle with a nasty bug of some sort. No, it isn't eating my flesh, not yet anyway, but it is keeping me at home in bed when I'm not working for coming up on 2 weeks now. It is only a sinus headache at the moment but we will see if it develops into more.

Probably this coming week is the time for me to bust its back (the bugs) as I only teach 2 mornings and 5 afternoons instead of the usual 5 mornings and 5 afternoons.

Wish me luck, I cannot remember being this sick in the summer before. Likely, this bout with illness now is due to my gypping the winter bug in 2005. I think I gypped it last year anyway. I certainly did manage to find one of the mildest winters of my experience between an Edmonton Christmas and a Philippines extended holiday.

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