Friday, July 28, 2006

Finally feeling good again

Yes, I am over my latest bout with illness (only a residual sinus headache to deal with each morning these days) and I have plans for a big holiday week.

Tomorrow, off to Seoul to watch some rugby, the All Blacks at Australia and then meeting with a few friends late into the night no doubt. Sunday I will try to get some shopping done and then Sunday night I fly to Manila.

I've been meeting with many and varied people as of late running into company after company that basically run the kindergartens over here as well as the occasional person who is not as of yet involved in that great money making scheme of teaching English in Korea.

I'm beginning to think that I have been a very bad boy! Or perhaps I'm just meeting many very good boys and girls over here. Met a couple of nice Chinese girls who are studying English and Korean at a University on scholarship. They came over and cooked dinner for us a couple of weeks back, very nice authentic Chinese cuisine. But they never cease to surprise me as to their innocence and, well, chastity!

21-years-old and still a virgin? My god that is nearly a life sentence in Canada but seems to be quite normal over here. "You mean to say that you've had how many boyfriends and you still haven't had sex?"

A typical New Zealand and/or Canadian response seems to be utter disbelief. "They gotta be lieing man". But, as for myself, I just cannot get over the statistics. In the last 2 and a half years I've met overflowing heaps of young women, and yes even older women that protest that they have never engaged in this particular brand of dating. The brand of which I speak is normal everyday Canadian and New Zealand dating.

You do not date somebody without having sex, unless you are a kid that is. I'm not talking about having sex at the age of 12 but I'm sure plenty do these days. I was 15 or 16 when I started. I think I officially lost my virginity when I was 16,17 or 18. Who can say for sure and what exactly is a virgin? Those days were such a blur and I didn't keep such good notes as I do now.

Anyway, it has become clear to me that the Irish, Scottish, New Zealand, South African, Australian, British and yes even the American ex-pats in Korea by consensus widely regard Canadians, male and female, as the biggest sluts in town. So now I know.

I myself am a pretty damn big slut, but truth be known I hardly know anybody who is as true blue as a steady as I am. Sure I exchanged some tar stained smooches with Felicia Fungitis when I was 16 and my girlfriend of the time felt rather unhappy about my infidelity, but I did NOT enjoy it -- and I still cannot figure out why or how I did it. With that glaring exception I can honestly say I have been a very good boy. Hmmmm, I wonder what I will think of this when I come back to read it while I'm dying of lung cancer in a couple of decades?

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