Monday, July 31, 2006

Charlize is HUGE!

It's really hard to believe just how quickly she has grown and her thighs and arms look like they are way bigger than they should be. But I've seen the occasional baby like this around from time to time. What a very big baby she is!

I am happy to be in the Philippines again. Seeing Rosi and the baby has been a big relief and I am very relieved that I am so happy to see both of them again!

I have plans to head to Boracay before I head back to Korea as it just does not seem right to turn down those glorious beaches whilst I am on a holiday. With any luck we can pick up Rowena at her grandparents on the way -- meaning, I hope they will not put up a fight like last time when they feared I was going to take her away to Korea with me so they would not let her go with me.

On the other fronts of my life it does look like my plan to save a bit of money by exchanging Won for Euros and then Euros for Pesos will work out but not quite as well as I had hoped. Exchanging about US$1000 in the convoluted manner only saves me about $30 (3%)given the going rate for Euros of 64 Pesos, perhaps 64.2 if I am very lucky.

On the other hand that amounts to nearly 2000 Pesos which is heaps of money over here -- 1 month's rent, 20 Kg of Chicken, 200 packs of cigarettes, 300 diapers, . . .

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