Thursday, June 15, 2006

Too Busy to Blog

The only time I feel sufficiently unfettered to blog is on the bus. I figured that this used to be a problem but now I have shotmail and can post from my cellphone on the go -- but I wound up having to forward this to my email and just copy and paste it in here instead.

Things seem to be smoothing out quite nicely. Brad is finally leaving for Canada allowing me to relax about Rosi in the Philippines. I am making regular calls to Rosi and Charlize getting the news and keeping in touch with my incredible growing baby for free.

I am always busy. I have to catch my bus at 9am, teach kindy for 3 hours and then rush off to my afternoon stint which is usually 6 hours. So my day is 12 hours including travel and I'm always starving at 9 when I become free. If I lose sleep the night before trying to prepare materials for lessons I bury myself in a book or in the news that I try to troll through whenever I get online.

I've been a bit down about how many people I've met who have recognized me from my blog. It is nearly impossible to be anonymous! On the other hand, considering how many hits my blog has had it is kind of remarkable that more people I know do not recognize me. Paranoia is settling in since I've been meeting the likes of Brad and Mr. Nopay far too often to have much faith in humanity anymore.

This is the big crux with journal writing online. I cannot really say what I want to say anymore for fear that the wrong people might encounter the wrong information. Hopefully, the future me will be able to read between the lines.

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