Friday, June 23, 2006

On the Bus to Dong Seoul

Im not xactly sure where dong Seoul is but I also saw Jamsil on d front of d bus so dat narrows it. btw I got my bus at 9pm n I dont tink it was d last 1 2 Seoul
I always seem 2 b behind, n now is no xception as I c heaps o vid phones on dis bus while I am still just txting 2 my blog! Anyway I wont buy nother phone here nless I find 1 dat will work outside o Korea!
Last few days were sweet, no worries to furrow my brow.Nothings betr an dat. And Ive had 2 many worries 2 mention.last few months. Im off 2 DMZ Sat. am my 1st tour in 4ever. tink Ill bring drink’nbox soju with me n case I meet any North Korean rme boys with rage in der hearts.

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