Tuesday, June 27, 2006

the MediaZone madness continues

This just in. Spanky has issued me a refund so I must repurchase my access with full knowledge of how messed up this company is. Wow! That must be in the company manuals or maybe he just takes a certain pleasure in pissing people off!

The email the most humorous Nigel Bluth just sent me:


Thank you for contacting MediaZone Billing and Technical Support!

You left chat without responding to my offer. I have refunded your purchase in full, $129.99. Please allow 10-15 days for your bank to process the refund. I have also removed your access to our content. As you are aware, we are currently experiencing technical difficulty delivering content to your region. I can confidently say, this issue may take another month to correct. You are free to purchase the content again but by doing so, you are aware of the difficulties we are experiencing delivering the content to you. If you choose to purchase the content again, we will be unable to offer any refunds or discounts for the purchase as you are aware of this issue. If you would like to periodically check with us to question if a match is available to your region, please do.

For further assistance please consider a one on one session with a support agent via our Live Chat Support Queue. Live Chat is accessible by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the top of any page on the MediaZone website follow by "click here" under "Customer Service". Please note that our support staff is based in the USA and that Live Chat and Email Support are available Monday through Sunday 8am to 6pm PT and during certain Live Events.

If you reply to this email, please include the entire email history so that we can easily view our past discussions of your support issue.


MediaZone Billing and Technical Support

I am sad to say that Nigel must have a bit of trouble understanding what the word 'consideration' means and the phrase 'take it under consideration'. I wonder if he needs an English lesson.

Man this is really pissing me off!

Here is my latest chat in its entirety with MediaZone.

The issue:
I still do not have access to the 70 odd Super 14 games that I paid for. Furthermore, I am receiving absolutely no information about whether I will ever have access.

Also, I have no guarantee that I will not meet a similar problem with another series of matches.

I have finally been offered a full refund. So what do I do?

Welcome to MediaZone Billing and Technical Support. An agent will be with you shortly!
You have been connected to Nigel Bluth.
Welcome to MediaZone Billing and Technical Support. An agent will be with you shortly!
Welcome to MediaZone Billing and Technical Support. An agent will be with you shortly!
You have been connected to Nigel Bluth.

Welcome to MediaZone Billing and Technical Support. An agent will be with you shortly!
You have been connected to Nigel Bluth.

Nigel Bluth: Hello! Thank you for contacting Live Support. How may I assist you today?
s: hi there. I'm just wondering how things are going with your engineers. I still don't have access to the super 14 games. Remember me?
Nigel Bluth: Yes I do.
s: so what'
s: s the word Nigel?
Nigel Bluth: I have requested they make sure each and every Super 14 is accessible from Korea is that not so?
s: they are not accessible. I get a message saying that my region is blocked for all of the super 14s except for the final
Nigel Bluth: Every one?

s: I cannot guarantee that I tried to access each and every one of them but I tried to access several games from week 14 and from week 13 and from week 12. I believe I also tried to access a couple of games from week 7
Nigel Bluth: Unfortunately, I can only request this issue be reviewed

Nigel Bluth: I'm sure it is quite frustrating for you
s: I have not had access to the churchill cup games either.
Nigel Bluth: Those matches are only available to Canada and USA
s: yes, I hope you can imagine how frustrating it would be. Does this mean that you cannot give me the 'all access' that I paid for?
Nigel Bluth: The Churchill games were never a part of access out of Canada or USA
s: okay, but your faq clearly states that the super 14 games should be accessible to me with an 18 hour delay
Nigel Bluth: Yes they should
s: okay, so what's the problem?
Nigel Bluth: From what I see, the matches are blocking your region. I can only report the error. I can not fix the error for you. however, I have requested it be corrected

s: also, what happened to the New Zealand Argentina game played on June 25? Why can't I find this game on your website?
Nigel Bluth: That was not a Sanzar match so we did not have the broadcast rights
s: in our last chat you told me that they would be made available by the middle of last week. Are you telling me that you were mistaken?
s: the june matches
Nigel Bluth: No, I told you what I had been informed

s: so, you were informed that the super 14s would become accessible. Who informed you that they were going to become accessible?
Nigel Bluth: I spoke with an engineer
s: okay, good. Anyway you can talk to the engineer and ask him why he cannot follow through on the jobs he says he will do?
Nigel Bluth: I can report the error you are experiencing again
s: okay, please do report the error again. Meanwhile, can you explain to me what else you will do to help me have the access that I have paid for?

Nigel Bluth: What do you mean by what else I will do?
s: well, you have already reported the error. I've already told you that I'm dissatisfied. you gave me a report that I would have access by a certain time and I still don't have access. What will you do next?
Nigel Bluth: Would you like the refund?

s: My goodness, that is all you can offer?
Nigel Bluth: Unfortunately, yes
s: Alright, looks like we will have to discuss the terms of the refund however. You stated that I would be billed $7.99 for each game that I watched. Is this correct?
Nigel Bluth: Yes
Nigel Bluth: For each of the June Tours
Nigel Bluth: I remember we agreed, those were the only ones you said you viewed

s: by this mode of accounting. Asking for a refund now would probably result in my geting a whopping total of $2.00 back.
s: According to the faq I should have access to 200 some odd games. Is that correct?
Nigel Bluth: According to the FAQ you should have access to all Super 14, June Tours, Tri Nations, Currie Cup and Air New Zealand Cup rugby content posted on Rugby Channel after February 10, 2006 on 18-hour delay
s: okay, the super 14 games that is about 5 games a week (let's be conservative) at 14 weeks. So that's 70 games
Nigel Bluth: I think I see where you are going but the cost per game of the June Tours is 7.99
s: there were 8 june tours played outside of Argentina so that makes it 78
Nigel Bluth: I will charge you for 6 of them that is 47.94
Nigel Bluth: Right now that would be a net refund of 82.05
s: No, that isn't acceptable. I paid for an 'all access' pass. Why should I accept 'pay-per-view' billing when I elected for an 'all access' pass?
s: I never intended to watch 6 games at 7.99 a game, why are you billing me like I'm a pay per view customer?
Nigel Bluth: The cost of each June Tours match is 7.99
s: there are 9 games in the tri-nations. This brings our total to 86 games that I paid for in my 'all access' pass
s: I could understand what you are saying if I charged 7.99 to my credit card 6 times in a row and then I ask for my money back. But this is not what I did. Why are you billing me like this? It is a ridiculous billing method.
Nigel Bluth: Please tell me what refund amount you think is fair
s: I'm still getting to the total. I've gotten to approximately 86 games I should have access to, 70 of which are currently inaccessible. You don't seem to have any hope that I will have access to the super 14s. Is that correct?
Nigel Bluth: No I do have hope but if you are unwilling to hold hope, I am offering the refund
s: and there are 37 games in the currie cup so that makes a running total of 123 games I should be able to see.
s: But I asked you what you could do about the super 14 access and you said that all you could do is make another request. How many promises will you break before I get what I've asked for?
Nigel Bluth: How about a full refund?
s: that sounds a little bit more reasonable. Is that what you are offering?
Nigel Bluth: Sure I have refunded your purchase and removed your access. Please allow 10-15 days for your bank to process the refund
s: how many games are there in the air newzealand cup?
Nigel Bluth: I do not know
s: nope, wait just a minute buddy. I did not ask for a full refund. I am in the midst of negotiating with you for full access.
Nigel Bluth: I Can not negotiate the access with you
s: but you can negotiate a refund? I'm not sure I quite understand what you are saying.
Nigel Bluth: I am only offering the full refund. I can not negotiate with you for anything else
s: so how long do you think it will take for me to have access to the super 14s? Are you confident that I will indeed gain access?
s: you are talking to a rugby lover. not a freak trying to give you a bad day after all.
Nigel Bluth: I can not answer that question. I was confident last week when we chatted
s: and now, you will not venture another confident remark?
Nigel Bluth: No I will not
Nigel Bluth: I am offering more than I should, the full refund
Nigel Bluth: But I understand you have been patient
s: so, you cannot say that I will have access within 1 month say? You aren't sure that I will have access with in 3 months? You are positive that I will have access with 9 months? Don't let me put words in your mouth but I would like a statement please.
Nigel Bluth: I am not positive when you will be able to access the super 14. I will no longer offer a "best guess"
s: okay, good to know. So I may go the whole year of subscription without access to these games.
s: Can you tell me if the problem is isolated or is it possible that I will not have access to other games. For example the tri-nations games. will I have access to these games?
Nigel Bluth: I would like to say no but I will no longer offer you any information I can not provide myself
s: from a position of wanting to be accurate I must admire that approach but you don't inspire a great deal of confidence in your organization.
Nigel Bluth: I have previously provided you with information that turned out to be inaccurate. I will not do that again
Nigel Bluth: I need to know where we are. Are you accepting the refund?
s: okay so let's call the access I should have an even 150 games. You know I really don't know what to say. I want to watch all of these games. But I also want to be able to trust that I'm getting my money's worth from your company.
Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please....
Network connection re-established.
Nigel Bluth: I understand but we have two options, you can accept the refund and that will include removing your access or you can continue to wait for the Super 14 matches to become available to you.
Nigel Bluth: Please tell me what you have decided.
s: very well, I will take this under consideration. As a rugby fan I would like to see the games. As a customer of yours I would like to get my money's worth.

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