Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mediazone Eperiences Technical Problems

I paid US$129.99 to Mediazone for a full access pass to all the Rugby games of 2006 and 2005. Only to discover that my "full access" is considerably less than it seems.

Just a few moments ago I had a chat with a Nigel Bluth a member of Mediazone's support staff. I managed to clear up a few issues of billing with him but I'm still wondering if I will ever get the value I paid for, from this company.

Have a look at our chat to see what kind of problems you will probably encounter if you want to pay for an "all access pass" and I will fill you in on more of the background once I have had a bit of a sleep:

  • point 1 of their faq states very clearly that I should have access to all games played in 2006 and 2005 " whenever and wherever" I want.
  • Not true.
  • I asked for a refund (2 days ago) but the chat personnel flatly denied it, indicated that I should have read point 3 of their fact before I paid for my "all access" pass.
  • I didn't think I would need to read further. Point 1 seems pretty clear.
  • I still have not had access to the 2006 games that I should be able to see (much more than 18 hours delayed).
  • If I demand a refund I will be charged at the pay per view price for matches that I was trying to view as an "all access" member. This does not seem fair. I would not have paid $8.00 a match to see these games.
  • A transcript of my most recent chat is below. Do you want to be subjected to similar technical problems?
Welcome to MediaZone Billing and Technical Support. An agent will be with you shortly!
You have been connected to Nigel Bluth.
Nigel Bluth: Hello! Thank you for contacting Live Support. How may I assist you today?
s: Hello, I am trying to get the July 17th Ireleand New Zealand June series game
Nigel Bluth: What problem are you having?
s: but when I try to download it says my region is blocked
Nigel Bluth: Where are you located?
s: south korea
Nigel Bluth: We are working on updating our website. Please try to purchase the match tomorrow
s: I have an all access pass.
s: I was told that I would have access with an 18 hour delay
s: for all games played this year
Nigel Bluth: Yes, you should Unfortunately, we have experienced some issues recently with the delay. We appreciate your patience with this matter
s: I really want to watch this game. I've been planning to watch it for a while now. isn't there some way you can make the download available for me?
Nigel Bluth: Unfortunately, I can not. Our engineers are working on correcting the issue as soon as possible.
s: my goodness, I'm very disappointed. There are also many agame I've tried to access from the super 14 that I don not get access to. Are your engineers working on this as well?
Nigel Bluth: Yes they are. Again, I appreciate your patience, you do have my apologies
s: that is nice to have your apology. Could you give me a time line for the repair work? I paid 129 US$ and I've only managed to watch a small fraction of the games that I thought I would have access to
Nigel Bluth: We will have yesterday's matches available by at least tomorrow
s: okay, and what about the super 14 matches?
Nigel Bluth: I hope those to be corrected by the middle of the week
s: I know you realize this but I think it should be said. I'm very disappointed. I
Nigel Bluth: Yes I do and I wish I could correct this issue for you immediately
s: if you cannot give me the access that I paid for, why are you allowing me to be billed for all access?
Nigel Bluth: You make a very good point
s: Could you please assure me that I will either get my full access by the end of the week or I will receive a partial refund.
s: Naturally I won't expect full access after my refund but I don't like paying for something I'm not getting.
Nigel Bluth: I wish to be completely honest with you. Unfortunately, I can not assure a full refund because you have viewed content.
Nigel Bluth: But we at the very least would refund any unused portion
Nigel Bluth: i.e. refund minus the cost for each match you have viewed
s: okay, I fine. could you please tell me how many matches
s: I have received a license to watch so far
Nigel Bluth: One moment please.
Nigel Bluth: 9 matches
s: could you email me the list. I'll have to check that against my own reconning. thank you. I hope you can sort out your technical problems
Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please....
Nigel Bluth: I will post them for you here
Network connection re-established.
Nigel Bluth: JT_20060603_SW_700K, JT_20060610_NI_LIVE, JT_20060610_SS_LIVE, JT_20060610_AE_700K, JT_20060610_SS_700K, S14_20060527_CH_700K, SS_LI_WE_20050615, SS_SA_LI_19970628, JT_20060610_NI
s: I'm sorry but these file names don't make any sense to me. Could you t
s: ell me what matches I am supposed to have watched
Nigel Bluth: JT refers to June Tours
Nigel Bluth: S14 is Super 14
s: the first file is a june tour that occured on June 3. I don't see a match
s: that occured on that date
Nigel Bluth: The SS matches are classics matches i.e. South Africa vs. Lions
Nigel Bluth: That was Springbok vs. World on June 3
s: there has been a mistake. I did not get access to any match date in 2005
s: I have not seen a match that was played in 2005
s: although I think I did try to download that match
Nigel Bluth: Then we would not charge you for them.
Nigel Bluth: I really do not want to argue with you, sir.
s: can you provide me of a correct list of the matches that I have received license to watch please?
Nigel Bluth: We will just refund minus the June Tours and Super 14 content
s: I'm not trying to argue. I'm just rather confused about the info you just gave me
Nigel Bluth: Our records show licenses have been delivered for those matches. But if you say you did not watch the Classics, I will not ague otherwise
s: that is good to hear. I was told the last time that I had trouble
s: that I could not receive a license to watch cames prior to Feb 18
s: games prior to feb 18. because of the region in which I reside
Nigel Bluth: So where does this leave us, are you asking for the refund?
s: well, I suppose it depends on how much damage I have to pay so far
s: I was paying for an all access pass but I have only received a few games
s: and a lot of headaches
s: could you tell me how many matches will be deducted from my
s: all access payment and at what rate
s: ?
Nigel Bluth: so far that is a total of $57.92 in charges
Nigel Bluth: That is 6 games at 7.99 and 2 at 4.99
s: which games are being billed for 4.99?
Nigel Bluth: the 2 Super 14
s: there is only 1 super 14 in the list that you gave me
Nigel Bluth: I'm sorry
Nigel Bluth: there was only 1
Nigel Bluth: $52.93 would be the new total
s: okay, so S14 costs me 4.99 and all other matches cost
s: 7.99
Nigel Bluth: yes
s: the south africa lions matches dating before 2006 where not available to me
Nigel Bluth: You're very welcome.
s: the classic matches that I tried to watch were blocked because of my region
Nigel Bluth: The super 14 match you viewed was the final on May 27
s: yes, that is correct
Nigel Bluth: Sorry for the you're welcome statement I meant to say one moment
s: no problem
Nigel Bluth: I was on the phone with an engineer and he said he is adding yesterday's matches for Korea as we speak
Nigel Bluth: I am trying my best to get you what you have paid for
s: that's nice to hear but I don't believe I have access to soccer
Nigel Bluth: soccer?
s: what matches did Korea play in? June tours? I cannot see them on the website
Nigel Bluth: I Are you not in Korea right now?
Nigel Bluth: I am having the Korean region added to the availability to view the matches played yesterday for the June Tour
s: ah, I see. I misunderstood. You said "matches for Korea" I understood games
s: that Korea played
s: I hope that you can clean up my record of views before we end our
s: chat. As a resident of Korea I do not have access to matches
s: prior to Feb 18, 2006 so I clearly did not see some of the matches
s: that I was supposed to have seen
s: Also, I'd like a clear idea of the damages I must pay for the
s: technical problems that your engineers are having before I decide if I want a refund.
s: this must be very stressful for you. I'm sorry about this
Nigel Bluth: Actually it is February 10, 2006. Our region blocking will unfortunately sometimes allow access to a blocked region. But I assure you, we will not include any match prior to February 10, 2006 if we refund
s: good to hear, so could you give me the total that will be deducted
Nigel Bluth: Can you try to view yesterday's June Tours now. It should be corrected
s: from my all access fee please -- should I request a refund
s: I'm not at my home computer so I don't want to risk downloading it
s: to a computer that I will not have access to.
s: especially if it will cost me $8
Nigel Bluth: As of right now, we have 6 June Tours at 7.99 each and 1 Super 14 at 4.99, that is a total of 52.93
s: please wait a second I need to see if I watched them or if I was denied access
s: JT_20060603_SW_700K
s: which game is this? it looks like it was played on the 3rd of june
Nigel Bluth: It was the Springboks vs. world
s: I'll have to check my files to see if I downloaded that one.
s: I was getting very frustrated, wondering how you guys were determining access
s: downloading any old game to see if I had access
Nigel Bluth: We keep records of licenses delivered and to what IP address
s: yes, I know that but your records are incorrect considering
s: that I did not have access to games prior to 2006
Nigel Bluth: As I previously stated, our blocking does not always block all that it should.
s: JT_20060610_NI_Live is the June tours game between New Zealand and Ireland on the 10th of June
Nigel Bluth: Regardless, I am not counting those matches
Nigel Bluth: yes it is
s: I'm sorry I don't remember you saying this. but I did not have access to any games prior to feb 2006
Nigel Bluth: Please let me know where we are in this conversation
s: jt_20060610_SS_Live is south africa and scotland on the 10th of June. Yes I remember watching this one
s: sorry, you had said that your blocking was working properly and I was saying that it has
s: worked perfectly well with me
Nigel Bluth: Point made
s: thanks, it feels good to have that recognized
s: Jt_20060610_AE was Australia and England played on June 10th. I will have to check my files on this as well
s: JT_20060610_SS-700K was which match? looks like scotland and South Africa again?
Nigel Bluth: They played last week and this week
s: yes but the file name, directly above indicates that the game
s: was played on June 10th, did I get billed for the same game twice?
Nigel Bluth: I gave you a record of license delivery, I will remove that from the total we are now at 47.94
s: okay, thank you very much. 47.94. I guess I will have to mull over
s: the idea of getting a refund. If I can get yesterday's match
Nigel Bluth: Please note: this entire chat is electronically recorded and any further license delivery will reduce the refund.
s: I might decide to risk puting up with more of your technical problems
s: if I can see that game tomorrow night
Nigel Bluth: Yesterday's matches should be available to you now
Nigel Bluth: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
s: I'm glad you are recording this, Can I get a copy?
s: I'd like to check out there availability but $8 is a bit much to pay for one view
s: and I can't save it to my own computer so I'll just have to wait
Nigel Bluth: You may copy all the text and paste it into a word document etc.
s: thank you Nigel
Nigel Bluth: You're very welcome.
Nigel Bluth: Thank you for contacting Webcast Live Support. Have a great day!
s: that's awful nice of you to invite me to do that, I don't suppose it wouldn't be a simple thing for you
to send me the file.
Nigel Bluth: I am sending you an email right now.
s: thank you so much. I hope your company appreciates what
s: a good job you are doing today. Have a great day!
Nigel Bluth: Thank you very much

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