Friday, June 23, 2006

Hagwon Blacklist

I definitely think that JaRam and JaYeon schools as well as 1 or 2 kindies in Suji that are run by Mrs. Oh should belong on the 'official' Hagwon blacklist to help steer good people away from a very bad place.

Only one problem, the Hagwon Blacklist has proven very difficult to update. I tried to make an entry recently but had no luck because of some sort of a traffic problem.

Anyway it does not seem that important now that I've found out that my own posts about the schools come up first or second for heaps of searches that include the school names and locations. When I heard about JaRam more than 2 years ago in Canada the first thing I did was search the name on Google and Yahoo. Back then I found nothing at all. Now, I am forced to say, if you sign up with them it is probably because you are computer illiterate.

Back then it was a pretty decent school. Now I can rest easy that anybody who can operate a search engine will have good reason to think twice about getting involved in that nasty little place.

Speaking of which, I must give in to the temptation and succumb to gossiping. Let me first state that nothing I have written about Mrs. Oh or her schools, heretofore, has been gossip. But, since I'm no longer working with those schools I have to discount what I am about to say as gossip, hearsay, untrustworthy, but, nonetheless perfectly in keeping with my experiences and absolutely believable.

  • The former bachelor pad LG 2Cha in Seong Bok Dong, Suji is now a family home. Mrs. Oh put a Chinese family in there (the momma and poppa are, no doubt, her current cultural teachers for Kindy). Apparently, there is a whole gamut of 3 generations in one room (I'm just assuming it's one room). Grandfather, momma, poppa, and the little tykes. The other current residents of LG do not have a lot of complaints to make about the family except that many items of food have gone missing.
  • There is a 24 hour room check policy now in place at all foreign teacher residents. This means that Gwen or Mrs. Oh, and possibly other members of the staff, can now walk into any of the apartments to inspect the goings on for breaches in the 'respectability' clause of the contract.
  • The 'respectability' clause is a simple little addition to an otherwise normal contract that quite clearly states that if you piss Gwen off you will get fired. Sadly, I have not yet gotten my hands on this little item. I am still digging around to see if I can find it somewhere.
  • When Gwen instituted the 'respectability' clause she demanded that all teachers currently on contract resign the new one. As far as I can tell, they all did. Considering that there is no way to compel somebody to sign a new contract while the old one is still in effect I think they made a mistake.
  • The schools are full of hyper Christian South Africans who speak English as a second language. Africaans is their first language. Their Christianity makes them ridiculously opposed to wonderful little things like the Harry Potter series -- witchcraft is the devil's work don't you know.
That is about it so far. I'll keep you updated.

Update: June 25, 2006

It's always good to get the information from the source:

Mrs. Oh walked into the living room of LG 2Cha uninvited and unannounced (yup she has a key). Upon entry to said apartment she encountered a naked person who quickly left the common area of the apartment. Ever since that day the random 24 hour inspection policy has been instituted. I wish that I had been there to see the faces of all the participants.

I also wish I had been there to tell Mrs. Oh off for walking into a private residence without ringing the doorbell, without so much as coughing before she started wandering around looking for naked people.

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