Sunday, June 04, 2006

Charlize turns 54 today

I am having a late night. No it is not too unusual for me, I rather enjoy them actually. And tonight I had a pretty good excuse. My partners and I have been working on a pamphlet to pass around to the students of a few hogwans (private schools) in the area to see if we can get a New Zealand summer camp going.

I don't predict huge profits but at least my New Zealand partners will get a chance to meet with their family and friends while they go on their first vacation home in a long, long time and they can make a bit of money while they are at it.

For myself things are looking pretty good. My daughter seems pretty well set-up in the Philippines and I can talk to her and her mom pretty much anytime I want using Skype for FREE! I love it when I can get stuff for free.

So far, it looks like the internet connection on the Philippine side is a bit slow to accomodate the video calling on Skype but we will try one of the other messengers soon in hopes that I get a chance to see my daughter amidst her massive growth spurts. And of course it will be quite nice to see Rosi's face as I talk to her as well.

I have to work in just a few hours but Tuesday is a national holiday so I don't really care that I'm losing sleep. When you finish up a tremendously labour intensive project at 3am and you are just too worked up to go to bed what better plan can you have than to go to the local internet cafe and muse a little about your life.

I am actually hoping that Charlize will have a chance to look through these pages when she is capable of understanding them. She will probably realize that I have heaps of other things on my mind other than her, but I think she will notice that she creeps into my thoughts all of the time.

Speaking of which, it sure is a pain to get simple stuff like an internet connection in Korea! Of course, I could probably solve my problem in a second if I could just find a Korean who I feel like bothering to help translate for me -- cause my Korean is ridiculously poor and asking for help would be uncharacteristic.

That reminds me of a volunteer service that I have heard about recently:

BBB (Before Babel Brigade) in Korea

Call 1588-5644

17 languages serviced by a host of volunteers:

English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Malay

I wonder if I can figure out how to do a conference call with one of these volunteers since I do not have many business hours available for taking care of errands -- none actually.

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