Friday, June 16, 2006

A buck wandering along a crystal stream

Father and son go walking together hunting

they sight the golden buck wandering along a crystal stream, the boys head is full of the talk of this last 2 days. The glory of the hunt, the joy of the chase and the pride of bringing home the catch. He watches and waits.

Together they track and finally get in sight of a beautiful, healthy buck.

Father and son exchange a glance. This is the moment they have awaited for what seems an eternity.

Dad raises the rifle and gets the buck in his sight.

After a long moment he lowers the rifle, standing there, just watching in complete admiration.

"I just can't shoot him, he is too beautiful, too alive. How could I kill such a wonderful creature living a life that I long to live?"

The son never forgot this. Even though at the time he felt savaged, betrayed by his father and hated the weakness that kept them from the glory of the catch. Many, years later he speaks of his father with only harsh words and disrespect save for this one recollection -- this is the single event which saved his father's soul in his eyes.

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