Sunday, June 25, 2006

Better Business Blacklist

It would be nice to be able to look a person or an organization up on the internet to find out if others have had less than satisfactory dealings with them.

Of course, then you might run into credibility problems with the reporter, but nonetheless even if you cannot trust all reports of shady dealings a certain number of shady dealing reports would put most people and companies over the top for me and I would avoid dealing with them if I had a chance.

I would happily put two people on that list at the moment. However, these people are currently involved in ongoing transactions with me so I will not add them until I can be sure that they will not make good on their agreements with me.

Mediazone is quite another situation however.

I paid Mediazone US$129.99 for an "All Access" Rugby pass on June 19th, 2006 and they continue to disappoint with broken promises racking up each time I chat with their live support.

Most recently they told me that by the middle of last week I would have access to all the Super 14 matches. Sadly, this has not happened. If only they had a competitor I could switch to, I would demand a full refund and go.

Meanwhile, the only way that I can see to get any results is to go throught the Better Business Bureau. Wish me luck. If you are having similar problems here is the information for the local BBB involved.

The BBB that will handle your complaint is:
BBB of San Mateo County
(Millbrae, CA)
510 Broadway, Ste. 200
Millbrae, CA 94030
Phone: 6505529222
Fax: 6506521748

As for the two people who have been less than honest to me, namely Brad and Mr. Nopay (not their real names)I will get back to you when I am certain that they will not make good on their promises.

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