Sunday, June 04, 2006

All Blacks are Back -- New Zealand v Ireland!

The All Blacks are playing Ireland in the first game of the Internationals at 7:35pm June 10th, 2006 in Hamilton.

I have not been watching Star Sports lately, partly because Rugby season as far as I was concerned was at an end, and partly because I have been busy in the Philippines.

When I made a trip to the Star Sports website last week and earlier today I could not see the schedule -- it is NOT posted. They simply refer the viewer to some ridiculously overloaded and busy ESPN website which covers neither the Tri-Nations nor the Internationals!!!!!

What the F***!

So, it looks like I will be trying out a little Pay-Per-View on Rugby Channel. Naturally, I won't be subscribing to the series until I can figure out if the video quality is worthwhile.

But, have no fear! I have not missed an All Blacks game since I started watching them, nigh a year ago.

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