Thursday, May 11, 2006

Suzuki Internet Cafe aka Odyssey Computer Centre

Finally, you can all relax. My crabby days are at an end. I'm not sure why exactly--it's probably the weather what with the heaps of rain and all but now I'm not pissed off anymore just starting to enjoy my holiday really.

I didn't realize my good humour until I walked into the Odyssey Computer Centre (currently bearing the old name "Suzuki Internet Cafe") and finally found myself able to use my USB drive to check my online buddies out and upload a photo or two.

Second is first this time. For my mom and other clueless relatives (whoever they may be) here is the official Charlize photo link (new photos added almost daily).

First, more about the internet cafe. It's exactly across the Kalibo plaza from Jolibee's. The computers here are all good quality and I actually encountered my first 2.0 USB connection -- hooray! Even including the internet cafes in Boracay this is by far the best equipped cafe with the fastest internet!

Come one come all, I hope they stay in business forever.

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