Friday, May 26, 2006

Microsoft's Office software division is about to be shut down!

While in the Philippines I had the opportunity to make use of's FREE spreadsheet and word processing applications and I must say that I'm very impressed!

Both of these applications, that I launched from my USB drive, worked extremely intuitively. They even seemed more intuitive and easier to use than the Microsoft versions that I've been using for years. What's more the help files, which didn't require internet to access, were astonishingly helpful. Also, there is no need to worry about converting or downloading helper applications if I want to access almost any word processing software program -- including that Kooky Hangeul one that is so prominent on Korean computers.

The Portable OpenOffice application that I use on my thumb drive uses less than 200 MB of space on my 2GB drive and the programs work very quickly, and efficiently.

If you have paid for a Microsoft Office Suite recently:

Try to get a REFUND

If you are considering buying Microsoft Office for an upcoming project or course:

Download You won't be disappointed.

And it's FREE.

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