Thursday, May 11, 2006

On Paternity (with Cliches that must be said)

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to wonder, but NOTHING has been further from my mind since the day we met. On that day, all doubt about her origin was completely extinguished!

Now I'm just a gushing father. I can't believe what an emotional rollercoaster I'm on right now. The impact of having a child, fruit of my loins, is way up there along with near death experiences and traveling to freakish countries like India and the Philippines. And, to be frank, I'm not talking about the package tour 3 days and 4 nights kind of travel that is characteristic of Koreans and the rich. I'm talking about traveling alone, along the not-so-well-beaten-path and actually meeting the people who live where you are -- finding out what kind of life they live, being treated like royalty and being treated like a slug.

Life altering, I'll never be the same again. Meanwhile, I'm going through some pretty intense emotional swings because I'll have to leave the light of my life behind while I work in Korea. Not to mention the fact that I'm having the climb of my life upt the mountains of bureaucratic paper of two countries -- one of which is incredibly friendly yet almost impossible to navigate, the other is just steep, cold and barren.

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