Thursday, May 11, 2006

No mittens?


Wow, it feels good to be able to share some photos finally, even if it's only one every other day.

This is probably one of the best pictures I've been able to take of Charlize because I'm always concerned that the flash will damage her eyes. In this case her eyes were firmly shut and she was sleeping soundly so I figured it would be okay to allow the camera to flash.

But I'm not going to do it very often, since I know her eyelids are so bloody thin I'm still concerned that I could be causing her some damage.

I'll probably write heaps about her while I'm pining for her in S. Korea but I just have to share a couple of things. If you get bored you can go away and you don't even have to come back.

Last night she finally started tracking her little bright, soft, jingly toys that the my mom sent just after her birth. How about that? She's only 30 days old and she's reacting to sights, tracking and she is starting to react to sounds too! I think that jingly thing scares her a bit cause she started crying when I put it too close to her face.

Her eyes, as one would expect from a Filipino mom, are starting to look like a dark brown, they looked dark grey for a long time but I think it was just some sort of a protective covering or a lack of development of the outer layer of her eye-balls.

And that's really all I can say at the moment cause I finished waiting in line for now and I have to get back to Rosi. Even though Charlize is sweet as pie she does need a lot of attention -- I don't think breastfeeding is a picnic, not even for the little girls and boys who are munching away. So, I need to be at home helping Rosi take care of Charlize as much as I can.

When I go to Korea I can only hope that I've already found a nanny to help out around the house, because it's going to be very tough for Rosi to handle shopping and even laundry without an extra pair of hands to cradle our sweetums.

Speaking of which I finally booked a ticket to Korea. My business partners and my boss have finally said:

Enough is enough! Four months of vacation in 2006 is plenty paternity leave. Get yer butt back to Korea.

I'm booked to fly back to Korea on Saturday May 27th. And I'll be back at work again the following Monday trying to pay for all the bills I've been accumulating -- But I'm still debt Free!!!!!! WhooHooo.

Technically I will have had 7 weeks of paternity leave since Charlize was born until mid April but I won't make a fuss or complain because my business partners and boss have been incredibly understanding and sweet as hell.

Thanks Meg, Gavin, Susie.

Man! I'm going to miss my daughter.

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