Friday, May 26, 2006

Freezing Cold at Home

Well, I can honestly say I really don't like PAL (Philippine Airlines). The staff is paranoid about take-off and landing, I've never seen a crew sitting down and buckled in for so much of a flight before in my life -- that's including the emergency landing I had on the way to Hawaii -- and they fed us far too early, not to mention the fact that I only got one beer on the flight!

Korea is a cool 20 degrees Celsius and I had to wrap myself up in one of those paper thin flight blankets to keep from succumbing to hyperthermia on the plane. I guess the average temperature for my last 6 weeks in the Philippines was around 32C so now I'm gonna have to figure out how to deal with normal temperatures again -- I feel a cold coming on!

Korea is a welcome sight. I love this country. I really can't tell you why exactly. Perhaps in part it is the absence of machete wielding beggars, but there is something I can't quite describe about really liking being here. I think it's because Korea is now my home. It's always good to come home -- even if your family doesn't live there.

I guess that's what good friends are for.

I'm not really calling around and getting about like I usually do when I arrive in Korea. Mostly this is because I'm quite upset about having to leave my gorgeous daughter and Rosi behind with no idea about when I will see them again. I need some down time, some alone time. Some time to prepare myself for dealing with the anxiety that I'm feeling at my separation from the most vulnerable person in my life.

On a more positive note, I now have all of my photos of Charlize up on the net. You can see them on the right and at the bottom of my webpage, mixed in with my other favourites and you can also follow the link (above).

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