Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fever? What is a normal body temperature?

The normal temperature range varies, depending on the method you use:

Armpit: 34.7oC to 37.3oC (94.5oF to 99.1oF)
Mouth: 35.5oC to 37.5oC (95.9oF to 99.5oF)
Ear: 35.8oC to 38oC (96.4oF to 100.4oF)
Rectum: 36.6oC to 38oC (97.9oF to 100.4oF)

When a child is sick with an infection, it is normal to have a fever
(temperature higher than 38oC (100.4oF)). It is part of the normal
process of fighting an infection. A fever will not hurt a child.
Usually, it goes away after three days.

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