Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Feeling a Little Slung

Found another place that has a 2.0 protocol USB in Kalibo. It's called Net PC. Just hang a left at Andok's Chicken when traveling on the main drag (Roxas Avenue) towards Caticlan. Hang a right at Andok's if you are coming from Caticlan. It's on the right, and if you get to Archbishop Reyes avenue you walked too far so turn around.

The particular computer I was given doesn't have a functional microphone but otherwise seems pretty good. They are open until 11pm, tonight at least.

So, now I can explain why I'm here. Had a little fight with Rosi about good childcare. For the past month or so I've been searching for a way for her to be able to get about with Charlize so that she can do errands.

Right now her only way of moving about with the baby is to hold her in both arms. She can get one arm free for a few moments but then she needs to use it again to support the baby. Can't find any decent carriers around here they are all too big (designed for 3 months and up) and the carriages are all too bulky or not designed for a 1 month old baby.

I've been watching how she manages when we are out and about and I'm very concerned because she always looks like she's about to fall over or fall out of the tricycle, van, jeepney. She even appears close to tumbling down the stairs or off the sidewalk.

I bought some fabric and tried to fashion a baby sling so that she can have both hands free but she wants nothing to do with it. I've asked her what she'll do when I go to Korea in the very near future and she doesn't have a clue. All she can say is that she doesn't want to look like an Ati with a sling around her neck. An 'Ati' for the uninitiated is supposed to be the aborigines of these lands, they are said to still exist in a very primitive state in the mountains.

So, I'm hoping that she is just being a bit silly right now and that she'll get over it, but if she doesn't I'm going to be really strapped for what I can do to help her be mobile.

Our roommates may be on their way to Iloilo and so far we've had no luck finding a Yaya (nanny). So what indeed shall she we do when I'm gone?

Meanwhile the rest of life continues to be a pain. I've found confirmation from citizenship Canada that I do indeed require my own Birth Certificate in order to apply for my daughter's citizenship and I'm still waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Sadly, my mom sent it registered mail which seems quite a reasonable thing to do but I don't think it will arrive before I need to go back to Korea.

She also sent my laptop, though I'd asked her to send that to New Zealand. It is fortuitous if it shows up here since I may be able to watch my daughter grow via webcam, if it ever arrives that is. She just called a little while ago (my mom not my baby) saying she had no idea what city I was in, that leaves me at a bit of a loss as to how she filled out the mailing form. Did she leave the city and province boxes blank?

And now I'm facing the harsh deadline of a hard to book flight on Philippine airlines with little or no prospects for obtaining a passport for Rosi. Apparently she was registered at birth but the copy they have on file -- a digital image -- is completely illegible! I asked the NSO (National Statistics Office) official for another copy,

"because look, it's illegible".

His reply was that they unfortunately had inferior resources and so that was the best they could do. In order to clarify the document they issued me, little things like the date of birth and the place of birth, I need to go to Bohol of all places to get a verified true copy of her original birth certificate.

Bohol is about a 4 or 5 day journey by boat probably 3 days if I fly but the price they ask for the seats are out of this world and they want to charge a full fare for my 35 day old daughter -- as if we're going to put her into a seat of her own!

What do you know! Good news. My Birth Certificate has just arrived at the Boracay Tourist Centre's P.O. Box in Manila -- rather I just received notification of same. Odd hour for it though!

Hey everybody needs a break every now and again. Finally something is going right. My sweet daughter, by the way, is just as cute as ever but continues to engage in repetitive activities of a mostly visceral nature.

No matter, she does it all in the cutest of ways and I can see her personality and senses developing almost everyday. She's moving her head quite efficiently, always trying to lift it when she's being burped and her eyes are starting to decipher facial expressions and finding upside-down things to be quite strange!

And me? Did you ever get ants in the pants for real? I have that right now. And pretty frequently too in fact.

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