Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Canadian Embassy in Manila

I must say it appears to be a very classy, efficient organization amongst the chaos and mayhem of the Filippino organizations I've had to deal with -- that's including the honorary consulate in Cebu by the way!

For an application to make your child a Canadian Citizen from outside of Canada you need a postal money order, cash, or a manager's check (from a Filippino bank) in the amount of P3355.00, payable to:

The Embassy of Canada in Manila, Philippines,
Level 8, Tower 2, RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Avenue
Makati City
The Philippines

Embassy Trunkline (02)857-9000
1-800-1-110-0226 Toll Free
+1-613-996-8855 24-hr Operations Centre Canada

Cash, of course, is fine if you are going in person but you had better call to make sure that the fee does not change as the Canadian dollar is appreciating relative to the peso at an alarming rate these days (the same address applies for personal appearances). By taxi, you won't have to pay more than P60 if you are coming from the Glorietta mall -- between the Rusit Nikko and the International hotels.

The documents you will need as specified by the official I spoke with at the embassy as well as the official that a friend of mine spoke with at the Citizenship Canada office are:
  • An authentic birth certificate from the country of birth of your child. For the Philippines this means you need to bring a certified true copy (PHOTOCOPY) of his/her birth certificate to NSO to be authenticated by them.
  • Your own birth certificate
  • Your passport (as a Canadian citizen you will need both your passport and your official birth certificate). They will make copies for you at the embassy that fulfill the Canadian government requirements of authenticating photocopies.
  • A completed "Application for a Citizenship Certificate from Outside Canada (Proof of Citizenship) Under Section 3". The document is currently called CIT0006E.pdf.
If Citizenship Canada changes their website and kills the above link you can just go to their citizenship homepage and find it amongst the other forms and applications.

I've been working towards this application for nearly 1.5 months and quite unsurprisingly the time was too short. My wife will have to mail the NSO authentication of my daughter's passport when the "Advanced Electronic Copy" becomes available in about a week. We could have saved ourselves heaps of time if they just had a working photocopier at the Ibajay municipality.

I have a certified true copy of Charlize's birth certificate it just ain't any good because there are no signatures on it (you know, the doctor's signature and the informant's signature). At the municipality they just typed up another copy -- perhaps different from their normal procedure when they aren't undergoing a day long brown out?

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