Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bohol? I thought it was Cavite!!!!

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the cooling rain has brought frequent brown outs to Kalibo and once again marred net access save by mobile Charlize's heat rash is finally getting a little bit better with the cooler temperatures and the benefit of some hypoallergenic soap. But now Rosi's running a fever -- only 1.3 above normal (37.3 C) right now. We need to get to Bohol to get her birth record but now with her fever lasting for 4 days I'm not sure how soon I want her to travel.

Charlize is still as sweet as ever. Rosi says she's noisy but if that's a noisy child I wonder what a quiet child would be like. She has one distinct kind of cry for when she's going kaka and weewee, another when she wants to be picked up and still another when she wants deedee (breastmilk). I'm finally playing her most of my favourite music and I think she reacts particularly well to Miles Davis "Live at the Plaza" -- it doesn't make her fall asleep but she gets real quiet and relaxed.

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