Sunday, May 07, 2006

Back to Crazy Boracay

Just doing some paperwork so I can receive registered mail through the tourist centre. Apparently the fees are extremely cheap.

Well it's not so crazy now. There seems to be a big influx of Filipino tourists. I sure wish I'd brought my laptop this time. I have heaps of photos to upload to but alas, there aren't any computers to do it with.

The Alice in Wonderland internet cafe/security box storage centre right next to the Tourist centre has computers that aren't properly grounded (shocking) and the tourist centre only has selected computers where you can access the USB drives, said computers are the slowest in
the land and it really isn't worth it to pay 70 pesos an hour to upload 1 or 2 photos -- not to mention my time being worth something as well.

To add to my displeasure at being on Boracay now you can only go back to Caticlan via the new port named Cagvan. Ridiculously enough, it is a real pain to get a tricycle there because it's so far, and the drivers try to gouge the poor Kanos (foreigners) asking for 50 to 100 pesos for the ride instead of the much more reasonable 20.

So, dear reader you must wait before you can see Rosi's baptismal photos. Yes, we had to get her baptised to try and clear up all the quagmire surrounding the release of her birth certificate. Hopefully the rest of the bureaucracy will be pretty straight forward and we can
get her passport soon.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to obtain my own birth certificate through the tourist centre, they have said that they will call when it arrives so hopefully they will and then I can apply for Charlize's Canadian citizenship.

We just spent last night at Charlize's great grandparents' house. Tomorrow, with any luck, we can get Rosi's birth certificate having spent just one more night with these poor over 70-year-old Filipino citizens sleeping on the floor -- that's hospitality.

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